This leads us to the next question whether you are using

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My friend will be doing barrows in a couple of weeks. I told RS gold him quite often NOT to use slayerdart but earth wave (cannot utilize firewave as of as of yet), as it gives you more experience and accomplishes exactly the same job. However, he was there when i was there, and he wanted me check his outfit. SLAYER DART!

He once again explains why he doesn't use it and also buys an earth battlestaff. Since the inspiration came from the youtube guys who use slayerdart in their tutorials and he decided to put it on. it.

This leads us to the next question whether you are using a fire blast/ waveattacks or a slayerdart? Are you a fan of magic? Or do you not even use it? Was this an unnecessary waste of time? Don't move this to polls. This is more about a discussion of the reasons why people use it rather than the reason you use it. All right; then explain me the reason why people used slayerdart when blood runes costed even less than death runes?

The goal of this thread is to present my speculation of the new skill in conjunction with my possibly more valuable evidence base. Don't read any further if you wish to keep this new skill as a surprise.

General Premises: Facts about New Skill

This section discusses three premises that must be considered by everyone trying to find out what the new skill is. The first is that the ability can be applied to both P2P and F2P. See evidence for the third premise.

The second reason is that the new skill is based on the gameplay mechanics of ThirdScape, which is a cancelled micro-transactional MMO. This means that regardless of the game, the skill must be well-suited to the gameplay dynamics behind an whole MMO. Evidence (RSOF QF 13-14-746-60289341, Mod MMG QA, question from The 39th Guy + MechScape Post #30 + statements like this one):

To Mod MMG: A time ago, you mentioned that regarding Thirdscape: "We are actually developing a brand new game mechanic. I can't give much away, but it could be an entire game on buy OSRS gold its own, or just an ability or both, but who is sure [laughsThe moderator laughs. That will be for free and members. It's coming up next year I hope. It's going to be amazing though. I'm not going to share it with anyone because it's a lot of fun and nobody has ever done it so we're kind of keeping it close to the chests.


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