Jagex will release EoC, to (hopefully) solve

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While it wouldn't change the gameplay any simpler, it would increase the time required to complete it. The game is easy enough as it is. The main thing is the time. It is possible to make the RS gold game more challenging but also more efficient. This will result in an experience that is more enjoyable.

Jagex will release EoC, to (hopefully) solve the grind. Personally, I am okay with EoC or no EoC. I just want to see them reduce the speed of spellcasters, swifts and the goliaths. I'm sure everyone has an axe, right?

The main issue is that how would you fix the grinding? The best solution would be to have the highest level of content that gives you more XP, but it's also in the process of being instanced, which means you're not going to be crashing to the point of death. It's a bit like Dungeoneering. Said high level content would either a) provide you with food/pots or b) give you enough cash so you can purchase food or pots. They must ensure that it's not bottable.

The gloves vs. chaotics debate is interesting. I'm not sure what the time balances between the two are. Certainly, the quests or requirements for combat require more skills than normal (on an excellent team, you can reach chaos with only an excellent combat skill) However, they do require you put in a fair amount. This could mean that the content is misbalanced. It's also possible that there are more than 90 weapons that have even more demands. These would be discussed on the HTML5 blog.

Even if your score for chaos is low, you still have one the best tools in the game. If you don't roll in PvP or M circles, you're probably not "go figure" or a "good fighter or anything else. But I'm sure that many chaotics do this. The process of getting those gloves isn't easy as well, based on the information I've received, but it isn't quite as long as a skill.

Jagex is slowly moving to implement your interesting idea of eliminating competition. Every player could start hunter DnD moths. The bonfires allowed players to have private hunting zones. This cheap RuneScape gold eliminated the competition and encouraged team-based training. Runespan is an online game that requires players for cooperation to find the runesphere. It might be necessary to upgrade it recently.


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