Where to buy Nike Dunk Low UNC Blue DD1391-102

Where to buy Nike Dunk Low UNC Blue DD1391-102

Air Force One will never be outdated, that’s for sure. No matter which color it uses on the surface, or which high-profile collaboration it uses, this pair of shoes still looks good today, just like when it debuted in 1982. As far as its latest version is concerned, Nike Air Force 1 Hello White University Red is one of many sneakers with such a clean color combination, so please keep reading and let's take a closer look. The construction sees the high-quality leather construction, and the traditional AF1 characteristics still maintain a classic style, all sneakerheads know and love: the outside and inside of the trademark, the perforated hood, the air sole under the foot provide comfort and never disappoint. The appearance of this shoe has been improved, and the college red accent fills in a corresponding popular contrast, especially when it comes to the tip of the tongue, the lining, the Nike Air brand heel label, the durable rubber outsole, and the trim slightly higher than the middle bottom. The real difference between this shoe and the AF1 is that there is a "Hello" text on the heel and tongue, and then a blank area that invites the wearer to personalize the shoe.

Nike Dunk Low UNC Blue may just be the best one of the best releases from the Swoosh brand that we are all talking about. Whether you already own a pair of Nike dunks, make sure you take a closer look at this color, because these are surrounded by crazy hype. The color matching of this shoe echoes the University of North Carolina where Michael Jordan once studied. There is no doubt that it will attract the attention of all sneaker fans and Jordan enthusiasts. The low UNC dunk shows that the kick arrives with the traditional characteristics that we all know and love. It is worth noting that a perforated toe box provides the best breathability, the Swoosh logo is elegantly displayed on the middle of the sole, and a complete midsole. Below is a pure white color, which hides the high-end cushioning technology. The user provides another level of comfort.

Buy Jordan Soles ,Nike SB Dunk Low Classic Green is the latest color of Nike's famous dunk silhouette. Established in 2002, Nike SB hosted some of the most coveted sneakers since their debut. In the past few years, this style has been hyped again, and it seems that the Swoosh brand plans to introduce more amazing colors, such as this one. The official image of the brand new slam dunk shows black and green covered in a clean white leather base. Of course, with the extra thick tongue and the immediately recognizable Nike SB label, we all know and love the Swooshes that accompany Nike across the sides and inside. At the foot, an original white cushioning midsole provides an insane amount of comfort. Finally, a matching green rubber outsole provides traction to meet the needs of skaters. In general, you can't make mistakes on these dunks. Whether you plan to wear them for skating or casually wear them, these are absolute bangers.


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