We'd like to hear your thoughts in this phase

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(The Old School RuneScape group are also looking at the ironman look that is a great idea considering that the popularity of ironman has grown out of the OSRS Community. Keep an eye out for the OSRS development forums and blogs if you are an Old School player to participate in that RS gold discussion once it begins in the near future.

We'd like to hear your thoughts in this phase and to start discussions on the most effective rules. Here is an overview of the game's rules and mechanics we're looking at so far: Ironman mode starts with the creation of a new character. It's impossible to turn it off once you have entered the ironman mode.

Ironman mode players would receive a chat button, possibly with a skull (like the mod crown and VIP stars). We'll have to figure out an option for players in ironman mode to complete Shield of Arrav and Heroes Quest solo. We'd like to see a hiscore filter that shows ironman players as a stretch goal. And a last twist is an extended mode for the bravest of the brave: Hardcore Ironman! The creation of a new character required

A single life is all you've got It's over when you pass away. Your hiscore is the only thing that will be saved. Your hardcore ironman mode will show a different chat badge (perhaps a red scalp). That's what we've got to date. If you have suggestions or suggestions to make this more enjoyable, let us know!

Mods Easty and Philip. I like the idea of the one life thing. That's what I believed that it was at first. After I was sentenced to death, believed that the game was over.

I was thinking we'd discover the most efficient ways to earn money to afford the top gear and other things. This isn't the best place for me. I see only people with low levels asking questions on the cc. Although there's an old money-making topic but it's not pertinent.

It is obvious that the list is incomplete at the moment. Start by starting daily warbands, slayering until you attain either 85 or 81 herblore. The Chaos Dwarf Battlefield is a excellent place to begin. AFK however, you'll have to accept a Chaos Dwarf quest. Be on the lookout for beams of loot. Leaving a clan or friends chat can help, as beams last only 10 seconds but the message alerting you to a beam remains in the chatbox forever however it could be pushed out through chat conversations. Beware of making use of degradables.

Frost Dragons; 3m an hour. It is possible to use cheap RuneScape gold ordinary antifires to do the trick but food may be necessary. Stabbing weapons are an option. The main problem in this method is that you require 85 Dungeoneering and some magical notepaper.


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