I'm aware that there are problems with this design

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There's a lot more that can be added to this fundamental idea, as well as WOW TBC Gold many more aspects in vanilla that created an excellent basis, yet I've not yet seen a follow-up.

I'm aware that there are problems with this design that need some sort of solution, for example the differences in the levels of players of the highest level, fresh characters or faction imbalance. I am now aware of the potential of WoW however it was an already fantastic game.

I've heard nothing about it, but I'd love to read more about it . I'm not certain how this will work in light of the previous games that it was based on however there's a lot about the early development I've not read. Do you know where I can learn more about this? Ty, Cheers

Imagine starting out with some faction towards the faction of your race. Based on what you did and the quests you did you'd gain/lower factions in the other races. A human can become friendly with undead, and even complete undead quests.

I would've loved to have something like this. There's for me no more satisfying feeling than being out there and having random friendly/hostile encounters with other players. It's weird to me that an mmo could go to such a great extent to the point of small groups that aren't part of the world.

WoD is currently at 2. "You wouldn't want to reject this...gift? Did you invite these savages to...just...to look at you DIE? That was a movie that they put their hearts and souls into. It's unfortunate that the real expac didn't get the same level of dedication. It was pure epicosity

In the end, wrath stays at 1, since it is impossible to beat that openingline "The birth of your parents, the forests and the lordaeron whispered Arthas." Wrath is an absolute WOW for me. I first heard of the game during the tail end of BC. I tried the free trial during the sunwell patch. My first content launch experience was the Zep to Howling Fjord. Just thinking about it brings me back to being a little kid again .

I'd likely put Vanilla and TBC higher because they truly captured how the world felt and all the different classes and races doing awesome games - the warlock who burns the ground beneath his feet, the druid moving through the forest and shapeshifting. It's like WoW.

Also, I first started playing WoW in December 2019 when the cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold reports of a virus were becoming more prevalent. I think I'll remain at home. I installed the game to test whether it was worth the 20 level limit. When I first watched the BFA cinematic, I was stunned. Horde was rolled, just because the Sylvanas "for the Horde' line was so sensational.


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