EoC isn't the main issue. To me, it's just more

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I don't know how old you are but take a look back at the past 20 years that OSRS gold we, as tech-savvy users, have had to adapt - through the use of VCR to CD to DVD, through the use of different interfacing devices (touchscreen is one of the most popular). Gaming is a part of technology where adaptation is required. I'm sure you would rather see Runescape keep up to date with its competition and survive many more years - however, with a mindset that says "no major updates because we do not like them" runescape is set to gradually die out.

EoC isn't the main issue. To me, it's just more clicking for the same result, and the highlight is the ability to queue emotes. WoW, I'm using 80 keys. There is also a minigame to improve DPS or learn new tactics in PvP. Even though I love mind control, I still enjoy the idea of controlling my enemies on the cliffs' edges.

This is the question. The exact circumstances that led to its birth are the same as that of Solomon and SoF. Players are forced to play. Recently an Jmod wrote about a poster posting bugs in BA. It was great constructive feedback. Posters then noted that the bugs were discovered and reported to Jagex in the beta phase but they were not added to the final version.

Players weren't in the game at the start about two years ago nor at its end. Runescape cannot endure if players aren't involved. EVE Online doesn't, WoW doesn't. Both games provided me jaw-dropping experiences when compared to Runescape. So I don't worry about EVE or WoW surviving. "Because it's been proved to be efficient. Runescape wouldn't have been created if this argument was applicable to new updates. MMOs can be found on the internet for fifteen years. There's no have to wait for long for traditional panaceas.

Jagex is seeking quick cash. It's gambling that isn't regulated, and a game with addictive characteristics. SoF is a natural fit. Are you sure it's long-term? It's not. For two reasons, players will become bored of it and the law is behind, but will catch up when politicians understand that tax revenue is there to be made. Japan cheap RuneScape gold has recently experienced this. They had to control their games for social purposes which allowed for some gambling and even shut down most of the gambling companies. They didn't really care about the game, but more about the money.


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